Our Mission

  To Educate and Inspire,
At NC Construction Academy we build, on delivering excellent programming, to contracting professionals of all levels. Our mission is to educate and inspire. We see fit to achieve that through offering a comprehensive list of courses, materials, resources and instructors. Our academy instructs students of all levels; from the apprentice, seeking to learn the basics, all the way to the seasoned professional. In our design, we move forward by having a look back- to see where the past has brought us and where the future is leading us.

  At Present,
We are currently holding of mix of opportunities and events for anyone looking to better their future. We look forward to explore what possibilities can come into play for you, your business, and your professional learning. NC Construction Academy host a number of classes ranging from Accounting to Blower Door Diagnostics. In addition, we are also offering Continuing Education Classes for all General Contractors in North Carolina.

NC General Contractor Continuing Education Courses...

See you in class

All Courses offered as Continuing Education for General Contractors are Board Approved