Frequently Asked Questions...

Where do I take the courses...?

Right here at NC Construction Academy. The State has asked that instructors, providers and courses are all to be board approved in order to offer continuing education courses for NC general contractors. At NC Construction Academy we offer all three.

How many hours do I need...?

It is required by the State that all general contractors obtain 8 continuing education credit hours for license renewal. This will consist of a 2 hour- state mandated course and  6 elective hours. Our Academy does offer all hours needed to me these requirements.

When can I start taking courses...?

Courses will begin being offered May 1st, 2020. No better time to Sign Up than now!

When should I have them completed by...?

The board has asked all courses to be obtained by November 30th, 2020. This period of time allows for all hours taken to be entered into the State database before the end of the renewal period for the year.

What else do I need...?

You will need to bring a Valid ID to your courses. They will be checked for verification at the beginning of each course session.
You will also need your Qualifier # when you Sign Up for courses. The courses will be submitted and entered in the State database under each participants qualifier #.  If you do not have or know your qualifier # we have a short tutorial video at NC Construction Academy's You Tube channel. We will walk you through how to get that easily.

Is there anything else I need to do...?

Yes, last and not least, have fun!

Be prepared to learn something new!

And don't be scared to share something you know!

Together we are positive we can make this a great experience!

"To Educate and Inspire"
-NC Construction Academy-