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This page is for the full day online enrollment form. Submitting this form will sign you up for an (8-hour) -full day- online session.  By attending this event you will receive all necessary credits needed to renew your contractor's license for the 2023 year. This day can also be used to receive credits needed for last year.
The course curriculum for this date is:
-The 2022 State Mandatory course
-Safety in Construction I
-Safety in Construction II
-Safety in Construction III
Please be sure to enter your information into all the fields below. Thank you for interest with our organization.

Students wishing to obtain an OSHA 10 card from these courses will also need to attend the additional 4 elective hours- Safety in Construction IV & Safety in Construction V- offered this month. All elective hours attended (10 hours), will be awarded to the students account, in addition to receiving the OSHA 10 card.
Please call or email the office for details.

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